BQBC aims to be an important medium for the promotion of two-way trade and investment between Quebec and Great Britain.

BQBC aims to provide a forum for British companies seeking to develop their business in Quebec and Quebec companies seeking to develop their business in Great Britain.

BQBC will provide an infrastructure for its members to gain business referrals and to act as a conduit for trade between North America and Europe.

BQBC will leverage UK-Canadian agreements, as well as separate British-Quebec initiatives, to promote technology transfer and investment between Britain and Quebec.

BQBC will support trade missions performed by both British and Quebec Governments.

BQBC will seek partnerships, collaborators, distributors and agents within both markets to support members through its extensive network of contacts.

250+ Years

Quebec-UK History

$ 4.8 bn

Bilateral Quebec UK Trade 2014

100 +

Quebec companies operating in the UK


Great Britain and Quebec have enjoyed a long and mutually prosperous business relationship for over 250 years. Indeed, both share many cultural and social qualities such as a belief in hard work, an expectation of fair play, the need for public responsibility and a spirit of collaboration. It is on these foundations that the BQBC is founded. Quebec is unique in North America. It is the northern gateway to the eastern and central states of the continent and is a transport hub between the Atlantic ocean and the Great Lakes.

Montreal, in particular, is a centre of academic excellence with more students per head than any other city on the continent. The Port of Montreal handled 31.4 million tons of cargo in 2014. The Greater Montreal area constitute the 3rd world capital of aerospace and the 4th largest centre in North America in terms of aerospace jobs. Quebec ranks as the 6th largest global aerospace equipment manufacturer. It is a centre for film and television production including special effects, has a booming video games industry and fulfils a significant financial role in Canada. Montreal is the home of 60 International businesses and over 1,250 international subsidiaries. Though Québec’s official language is French, 56% of Montrealers are able to speak both French and English. This linguistic asset helped Greater Montreal towards achieving a GDP of $120 billion in 2014, almost 35% of the entire Province of Quebec.

Energy, agrifood and biotechnology industries also flourish with Quebec ranking highly among the world leaders in the field of life science. Quebec has the highest proportion of life sciences R&D employment in Canada and boasts 50% lower labour costs than most European life sciences hubs.


Dear members and visitors,

Welcome to the Website of The British-Quebec Business Coalition.

Our association is dedicated to growing the ever important trade relationship between the U.K. and Quebec. The U.K. is already our number one trading partner in Europe and, worldwide, our most important one after the U.S.A. « Good business grows both ways » is what we are all about.

Enjoy our Website. You will find a wealth of information and an outline of our activities.

Become a member. Network with us. I can assure you it will be a worthwhile experience.

Best regards,

Francis Fox, P.C., Q.C.

Chairman of the Board


Dear members and visitors,

Welcome to the Website of The British-Quebec Business Coalition.

I want to thank John and Damien for their superb leadership and all the volunteers who make the organization function.

Part of the British Quebec Business Coalition’s (BQBC) role is the promotion of business ties between the UK and Quebec. To achieve that, we organize several events throughout the year and we will focus on business-oriented activities.

The BQBC is built on the support of many who are passionate about the UK-Quebec connections – through personal, business and cultural interests. Our aim is to build and grow these connections, discuss and promote business ideas, create a supportive and encouraging business environment and assist entities seeking to increase business or investment.

Our members come from a broad and diverse group of industries and membership is available to every company and individual involved in business relations between Quebec and the United Kingdom.

I am also eager to hear from members as to what we are doing well, and areas we need to improve upon. I want us to find additional ways to provide value to members. My fellow-directors and I encourage you to be part of the BQBC adventure.

Best regards,

Peter Villani

President (2015-17)


Hon. Francis Fox – Chairman of the Board

Mr. Peter Villani – President (2015-16)

Dr. John Lawson – Executive Director

Mrs. Nathaly Vermette – Corporate Secretary

Mr. Nick Baker – British Consul General in Montreal

Mr. Charles Douville – HSBC Bank Canada – SVP Eastern Canada

Mr. Pierre Boulanger – Former Délégué Général du Québec à Londres

Ms. Zoubida Abdelkader – Montreal International

Mr. Damien Chalaud – Former President (2014-15)

Dr. Esther Benezra – Founding President (2012-14)


Mr. Peter Villani – Chairman of the Board and former President (2015-16)
Dr. Esther Benezra – Founding President (2012-14)
Mr Damien Chalaud- President
Dr. John Lawson – Executive Director
Mrs. Nathaly Vermette – Corporate Secretary
Mr Joe Rifaat (VP Future Leaders)
Mrs Marilyn Krelenbaum (VP Life Sciences)
Mr Richard Painter (VP Shipping and Transport)
Mr Ed Bell (VP clean technologies)
Mrs Danielle Viau (VP Travel and Tourism)
Mr John Marrett (TBD)
Mrs Tuba Yamaç (TBD)
Mr Jason Tsoukas (TBD)
Mr. Nick Baker – British Consul General in Montreal



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