British-Quebec Future Leaders Program (BQFL)


As a division of the British-Quebec Business Coalition, The BQFL program promotes the collaboration between the two communities, particularly among young (under 40) professionals and graduate students.  The BQFL aims to provide a forum for British and Quebec nationals to develop lasting professional relationships with each other, fostering community involvement, trust, and supporting international trade between the two nations.


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Membership in the Future Leaders division of the British-Quebec Business Coalition (BQFL) is designed to enhance the network of young professionals (under 40), graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars in the international community.

Members of the BQFL receive privileged access to events designed to foster mentorship and professional enhancements, such as:

  • Roundtables featuring private conversations with leaders in the international community ;
  • Mentorship matching with senior BQBC members, a diverse group of senior management, trade, policy, and research professionals ;
  • Invitation to select members-only BQBC networking and speaker events ;
  • Participation in a growing and inclusive group of young professionals dedicated to conducting business, policy, and research between Quebec and Britain ;
  • Access to BQFL network of members ;

BQFL membership is available for $25/year for individuals. You can make your BQFL Membership payment on our Join Us Page with this link

For group rates, please contact


Maya is a life sciences marketer, community organizer, and acts as VP Future Leaders in the British-Quebec Business Coalition.

Her goal for the Future Leaders group is to provide a strong, positive, and welcoming group of young professionals to the Quebec-British communities. She's found great support from the BQBC organization, and hopes to extend and expand the reach to other young professionals in the Montreal area.


Fire-side discussion with Christos Sirros on the impact of Brexit on Quebec

March 27th, 2018 at McKibbins Irish Pub

BQFL Launch Event with Nick Baker, British General Consul in Montreal

November 28th, 2017 at Hurley’s Irish Pub

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